I am the Master of the this Haven. This is my lair within the electronic world, and it gives you a glimpse into my life and the other worlds in which I dwell. But enough of that - you wish to know WHO I am. And so I shall impart some of that information.


 My name is Alec, and I was born and have lived the entirety of my life within the state of Massachusetts. While I have a job to pay the bills, I am also a freelance fantasy and sci-fi artist who takes commissions. You can see some of my older artwork scanned in on the following page. I am also a computer enthusiast, willing and capable of tinkering with computers and their components for hours, playing a wide variety of computer games for similar amounts of time, and an experienced user of the Windows 9x environments, as well as some Unix, and a teeny bit of Mac know-how (very teeny). You can see my resume here. I enjoy reading science-fiction and fantasy novels, as well as science and technology magazines, watching science fiction and fantasy television programs and movies, and collecting a wide and eclectic mix of music from Metallica to Enya, from Savage Garden to ZZ top, from Queen to Tchaikovsky. I am also a serious role-player, i.e., role-playing games, or RPGs, are a favorite past time of mine with a rich history and are an extraordinary vehicle for getting together with friends and using ones imagination - learn more about them here. That's the pretty obvious, vanilla stuff. If you'd like to chat, know more about me, or find out where I came up with my email name, or other similar questions - feel free to email me at



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