It is a time of high adventure, of great magics, and legendary quests. The light of the sun shines brightly on the lands, but lurking in the shadows, waiting for a time of prophecy, is the Twilight before the darkness. Before it no light can stand, and the only hope of salvation is found in those tainted by the blackness,
The Children of the Night. 

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The Twilight Campaign

   Set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting created by Ed Greenwood and published by TSR, Inc., the Twilight Campaign had its beginnings late in 1994, and have continued on to this day, with an ever-changing roster of players and characters - though some few have stuck it out since the beginning. In the twisted workings of my mind the concept of the Twilight Campaign came forth, and with almost no prodding on my part the players have created characters that follow the plot and concepts of the campaign and have led them ever further down a path fraught with prophecy.

  The heroes are a rag-tag bunch of misfits, outcasts and wanderers - but ones that have gained much experience in the ways of their world and the follies of adventure. They are known as the Company of the Black Lotus, and constantly strike forth in pursuit of adventure, honor, and as much treasure as they can possibly carry. Unfortunately, at nearly every turn, something untoward or unexpected deals them a stunning blow - one which invariably gets them beholden to some powerful mage, government or secret society - and off to adventure they go to pay off their debt, only to accrue another in the process. 

  The Company is based in the great city of Waterdeep, and is known there, somewhat unkindly, for the rampant, yet unintentional, destruction which often follows in their wake at the hands of whatever villain they find themselves challenging at the time. As time has progressed, the party has taken on greater and greater goals, and has achieved mighty successes in their constant struggle against evil, and their ongoing attempts to achieve fortune, fame, and personal quests.

  The Company has many members and ex-members - some retired, others deceased or gone missing - but all bear the stigma of The Children of the Night. And slowly, as the Company has grown, ebbed and changed, the strange fingers of prophecy have begun to pull upon their strings - leading them to the oft-denied but inescapable conclusion that some grander scheme is gathering speed around them like a great clockwork juggernaut. The only question is, will they rise up to the challenge of their destiny, or ignore their part in it and live with those consequences.

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